Give your Bootstrapped Business a Boost and Enter the Contest!

What am I competing for?

Whoever wins will attain my services to help you build your boostrapped business and move faster on your journey. For one month, I will work 10 hours a week for you. And best yet... Its all Free!

Who are you?

I am Noah Bragg: Founder of Supportman and co-host of the Product Journey podcast. In the past, I co-founded and sold CoffeePass and I currently am an iOS developer at Vizio.

What will you do for me?

Well, really whatever you want.
But here are some of my skills:

  • - Javascript, Swift, Typescript
  • - React, React-Native, Native iOS
  • - Node.js, Express.js, Next.js
  • - Tailwind CSS

  • Other examples of things I could do:

    • - Help you build your MVP
    • - Customer Discovery
    • - Strategize where to go next

What's the catch?

There is NO CATCH. I just want to help other bootstrappers and enjoy doing so in the process.

Rules for the Contest

- Only Bootstrappers are allowed to apply. No companies that have taken funding.

- You need to be ok with me sharing what I am working on on Twitter and my podcast. I like to be transparent. Follow along!

- Your business can be anywhere along the journey, you could be a business making $1Mil ARR or just starting out with only an idea.

- Fill out the form below to apply.

- Applications end by November 20th (Closed Now)

- After I have gone through applications, I will pick 5 of you to do interview video calls.

- I'll then choose one company and announce the winner!